Welcome to Fraternité2020

Basic overview

A united Europe at grass-roots level

You have reached the homepage of the European Citizens' Initiative Fraternité2020. Our goal is to make European exchange programmes like Erasmus or the European Voluntary Service (EVS) more attractive in order to enable more European citizens to spend time in another country. We believe that this is very important to give people a chance to build a European identity and cross-cultural understanding. Fraternité2020 is already supported by a number of world-renowned academics (see here) and NGOs from all over Europe (see here). If you also think more people should have the opportunity to spend time in a foreign country, please support this initiative too!

Important news! We are currently looking for new members for the Citizens’ Committee. There are a number of reasons how being on the committee will benefit you on a personal level: working together with people from all over Europe, the chance to help build an ECI pretty much from scratch, the regular interaction with EU institutions etc. But the biggest motivation for you should probably be that you get to be part of something that you know is really important. Interested? Contacts us here to learn more!

Goal 1

EU Budget

We want 20 billion Euros yearly for exchange programmes like Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci or Youth in Action.


Goal 2

Open EVS

We want the upper age limit for doing a European Voluntary Service (currently 30 years) to be scrapped to give all people, irrespective of their age, the chance to experience Europe and help others.


Goal 3

Create OMC

We want an Open Method of Coordination to be initiated to ensure that 20% of Europeans have spent at least 20 weeks in another European country by the year 2020.


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About the Initiative

Learn more about what we want

To learn more about this initiative, we suggest you read the manifesto first. Also, you can have a look at the 'frequently asked questions' (FAQ) and find reasons why to support this initiative in this section.


Who we are

Learn more about us

Obviously, before you support this initiative you'll probably want to know who is behind it. So, in this section you can get to know us and see how this initiative came about. Also, you can learn more about our logo and how we finance this initiative.


Support us!

Learn more about how you can help

In this section you'll learn how to sign this initiative. Also, we look for people to translate this page into their own language. Finally, you can find information on how to join us and help turning Fraternité2020 into reality.


Who supports F2020?

Learn more about who supports us

In the past couple of weeks and months we have contacted people, NGOs, and MEPs to build support for this initiative. In this section you can find out about some who reacted positively and even allowed us to display their names.